July 27, 2016 • Van Williams

6 Skills That Will Land You a Tech Job in Richmond


Richmond is a tech sector ready to rise. The local population has grown faster than neighboring cities for five years running. Steady growth of Fortune 500s and other enterprises have led to an expanding local talent pool and energized competition for local jobs.


Even as the Richmond IT market becomes more competitive with the steady flow of high quality tech talent, there are still some IT professionals who will continue to write their own meal ticket. The reason? They possess some of the following six skills on their technical resume that will get you a tech job in Richmond.


1.) Java & .Net

Some programming languages and frameworks have incredible longevity. Even though Java and .Net have been in use for a decade or more, they are still essential technical skills in just about every industry.


Businesses large and small use them in their applications. Java is a standard tool used by the likes of Citibank and the U.S. Government while .Net is used by companies as diverse as JPMorgan Chase and Verizon.


Additionally, there are plenty of small to mid-sized organizations that rely on these core programming languages to build customer-facing and operational applications. So, IT professionals who have mastered these skills will never be short on opportunities.


2.) Python

For people in the development community, Python is an increasingly popular language. The language’s expansive and clean syntax have endeared it to developers across industries. Even Google has made it an unofficial part of their applications and platforms. Developers who incorporate Python into their skill set can more easily find a tech job in Richmond.


For those who aren’t too familiar with Python, the language is relatively easy to learn. Additionally, the demand is enough that even a mid-level understanding is highly marketable among technical skills that will get you hired. Picking up this language is a great way to stay competitive.


3.) SQL Server & Oracle

Data is the backbone of the modern workplace. Just about every type of role has some interaction with databases, whether it involves creating them, analyzing them, maintaining them, or incorporating them with other applications. Everyone from DBAs and data analysts to developers and project managers needs expertise in the building blocks of structured databases: SQL Server and Oracle.


Among many of the top 50 employers in Richmond are healthcare and financial institutions which have extensive databases at their disposal. When dealing with traditional structured data, Richmond businesses in these industries take it as a given that their candidates have experience with SQL Server, Oracle, and other relational database management systems. Prove them right and you’ll always be able to find a tech job in Richmond.


4.) Cybersecurity Skills

Nationwide, data breaches in 2016 are up 22% over last year. All of the government agencies in and around Richmond benefit from IT professionals who have an unerring attention to detail and a dedication to security protocols. Proving that you have experience with cybersecurity is icing on the cake.


Candidates who can spot vulnerabilities, incorporate new security tactics into existing systems, or efficiently test applications will be in the highest demand in the current market.


5.) Business Intelligence

Just about every organization out there is collecting stockpiles of data, but once they have terabyte-sized caches, what do they do with it all? Nothing, unless they have tech talent that can capably conduct business intelligence strategies.


Data visualization tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Qlikview are highly sought after now because of their ability to provide organizations with a broad range of insight from structured and unstructured data sources. Some of these tools have more of a drag and drop feature than others, so the extent of a knowledge that an IT professional varies between tools. Regardless, knowing how to practice business intelligence strategies in your daily work can get you hired.


6.) Project Management

Leadership is always important, but more and more IT departments require candidates to have some level of project management experience. Flatter structures require that many a tech job in Richmond take the lead when situations call for it.


Startups often are operating with a skeleton crew that requires mid or senior level talent to take charge. Healthcare organizations and government agencies often have more streamlined IT budgets which require everyone to have project management experience. And even if a business has the talent resources available, it’s always good to know that a new hire is equipped to rise through the ranks.


The Extra Touch Needed to Get a Tech Job in Richmond

Your technical expertise is going to be one half of the equation. On top of being able to perform at a technical level, finding a tech job in Richmond requires candidates to prove that they are the right fit for local businesses.


Knowing how to advertise themselves as a team player, problem-solver, and a kindred spirit to a given company’s culture is sometimes easier said than done. Why do that all yourself when trained professionals can take the lead?


That’s how Smart Resources can help you. Building strong partnerships is the cornerstone of how we do business, so we are always looking to match exceptional tech professionals with businesses that understand their skills and goals. Apply today and get closer to a job that will value all your best skills.



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