November 20, 2018 • Smart Resources

Getting Smarter with Joe Cline


At Smart Resources, we aren’t just a big group of IT consultants or tech minds. We’re a family. Our team is not only one of the most skilled in the country, but also one of the most interesting. Each month, we feature a conversation with one of our great consultants so that you can get to know us better. This month, say hello to Senior Consultant Joe Cline.


Name:  Joe Cline

Position: Sr. Consultant

Years with Smart Resources: 8

Professional Background in one sentence: 

Over eighteen years of experience in Business Intelligence, web-based environments, and enterprise implementations, including analysis, design, development, and testing of front-end and back-end applications.

Describe your typical day.

My day starts with water and coffee! Then it’s on to emails, verifying all scheduled jobs have run with no issues (mostly just because I am OCD about them) and work. I keep a notebook with a list of current tasks and reminders, after a mental prioritization or adding to the list, I start in on the task at top. Peppered throughout the day are meetings and IM’s with business users and co-workers. All of this can change at any moment based on what may pop up as a high priority need or production question/issue arises. In truth, the only typical part of the day is waking up, getting my daughter on the school bus, and forcing in a workout at some point!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? 

Not having to travel for work anymore. I get to put my kids on the bus every morning and eat dinner with my family every night.

Tell us about the most memorable moment of your career. 

As odd as it may sound, the most memorable moment was the morning of 9/11.  Watching that morning unfold and reacting to it surrounded by my co-workers showed me that they are much more than just co-workers, they become family. Many years later, I am still very close friends with a large number of people I have worked with over the years, we have all moved on to different jobs in many different states, but the bonds created working countless hours at times still continues.

What career advice do you have for someone just starting out in IT?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or make mistakes – it is the only way to learn.

What will be the biggest tech trend of the next 5 years?

AI seems to be the wave of the future, although I fear we may overuse it and end up missing out on the human aspect of decisions.

Do you have a favorite software program? 

I would have to go with Cognos BI since it is my daily driver for the past many years, but in reality any new software that I get to learn is a favorite at the moment.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Richmond area?

Search out a new restaurant that is a local-only place and experience new flavors.

Describe your favorite meal.

Although I am a huge fan of poke, I would say my favorite is a Cuban dinner that we make yearly for my birthday. It’s an authentic recipe we picked up while living in Miami consisting of arroz con pollo, black beans, and fried plantains.

What’s your favorite song?

Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra with Welcome to the Jungle as a close second.

Do you have a hidden talent? 

I enjoy surfing and kickboxing, not hidden but not work related. Oh, I am a secret master of ceramic tile, we built our house, so I have finished a number of rooms myself.

What’s your favorite thing to drink in the morning?  

Coffee with a side of coffee

The best movie you’ve ever seen is: 

Beverly Hills Cop

What’s your most prized possession? 

My family



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