December 5, 2017 • Amanda Pullman

8 of the Best-Paying IT Jobs in Richmond


The secret is out, with technology professionals across the country discovering that Richmond is a great place for an IT career. The area’s low cost of living combined with opportunities for both personal and professional growth have made it a magnet for tech talent skilled in various specialties within the industry. The following roles are not just the best-paying IT jobs in Richmond (with salaries reported directly from those in the roles), but are jobs that will see increased demand and can provide healthy long-term careers.


Information Security Analyst

It should come as no surprise that one of the highest-paying tech roles combines two of the most in-demand skills in the industry, data and cybersecurity. As organizations invest more heavily in their own data, they realize at the same time they must take measures to protect the insights they discover. Combined with new and larger cyberattacks making headlines on what seems like a weekly basis, it’s no wonder Information Security Analyst positions command an average of $121,740 in the area.


Senior Data Analyst

These days data is king, and organizations are looking for Data Analysts that can go deep into data silos/lakes and extract insights. This takes the ability to look at data at the granular level, and often requires data mining and the aptitude to quickly recognize patterns within datasets. Those who make it to the senior level can expect to earn about $119,827.


Business Intelligence Architect

Companies that take data seriously enough will inevitably focus on implementing a BI strategy and will be looking for Business Intelligence Architects to make it happen. This position requires someone who can maintain a high-level view of data to ensure that insights are directly supporting business goals and can be clearly presented to the C-suite. Average salary for the role clocks in at $116,076.


Software Developer

Vital to keeping organizations, processes, and products running smoothly, Software Developers are the backbone of the IT industry and are compensated accordingly. Plus, this position provides an excellent foundation for a tech pro to progress their career in nearly any direction or IT niche that they want. Base salary for Software Developers averages $99,000 in Richmond.


Network Architect

Network Architects play an important role in keeping an organization’s technical environment operating at its peak. In larger organizations like hospitals where many lives rely on properly operating networks, it is no minor undertaking. A tech professional in this position will need to be skilled in the cloud, any necessary IoT hardware/software, and overall maintenance of a network. In the Richmond area, average salary is $94,915.


Quality Assurance Engineer

In a role that requires tremendous attention to detail, Quality Assurance Engineers are the last line of defense in catching problems before they make it out of the company. This includes testing for issues in software and hardware products as well working with teams to create a patch when necessary. At a time when consumers demand quality in the products they purchase, the role is an important one and compensated appropriately at an average of $91,198.


Mobile Developer

Consumers in the U.S. are spending five hours per day on mobile devices, and businesses have taken note. Mobile Developers are in strong demand, as they are being relied upon to build apps from scratch, maintain them through updates, and ensure a company’s website is mobile-friendly. Mean compensation for the role is $91,146, and will continue to rise alongside mobile usage.


User Experience Designer

A role that requires a hybrid skill set, UX Designers must understand what end users want (often helped by a strong communication and marketing background) while simultaneously having hard technical skills. This is especially important in the FinTech industry where consumers expect a smooth experience when banking from their phones, tablets, or computers. Employers are paying an average of $75,102 for those ready to hop right into the role.


Landing a Great IT Job in Richmond

Whether you’re just starting out in IT or are deep into your career, Richmond provides a viable alternative to the expensive and saturated settings of Silicon Valley, NYC, or Washington D.C. Not only are there a number of different tech jobs here, but the area has something to offer for every generation. Those searching for a career destination will find everything they need in the Richmond tech scene.


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