Helping You Make Smarter Career Decisions

We believe that when great technology and great people come together, anything can happen. That’s why we’re on your team, helping you find opportunities that leverage your technical skills and align with your career goals.



At SMART Resources, we’re not the kind of staffing firm that throws resumes around without a second glance.


We’re people-focused, making sure we place our IT consultants in the opportunities that make sense for everyone. That means we genuinely get to know you. We don’t just fill empty seats with random people; we build authentic relationships and check in on a regular basis.


We know our business is driven by our consultants. That’s why we treat you like family. And the cherry on top is our competitive benefits package that guarantees you peace of mind:


•  A comprehensive health and welfare benefit package that provides extensive coverage to employees and their family

•  Retirement plan options to include blended contribution opportunities

•  Tax saving plans available to maximize personal tax liability

•  Voluntary add-on benefit plans are available at group rates

•  Flexible plan designs for most benefits