March 21, 2018 • Amanda Pullman

6 IT Networking Opportunities in Richmond that Can Improve Your Tech Career


What are your career goals? Whether you’re looking to become an expert in your field, broaden your skills, or find a new position, networking can be a key factor in your success. Connecting with your colleagues and other IT professionals opens doors to new jobs, different ideas, and emerging technologies. In fact, more than 70% of positions in today’s job market are filled thanks to networking. Luckily, Richmond’s tech culture is thriving, and this has created an expanding group of like-minded technology professionals looking to learn and grow in their skills as well as meet new people. Take advantage of these IT networking opportunities in Richmond in order to accelerate your tech career.


Richmond SQL Server Users Group

Users groups are a great place to start for tech professionals looking to refine their technical skills while making new industry connections. The local Richmond SQL Server Users Group (RichmondSQL) is a chapter of the  Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), which organizes professional development opportunities and networking events across the United States. RichmondSQL focuses on database design and development, performance tuning and troubleshooting, business intelligence, and SQL server administration. Learn more about RichmondSQL’s next event, which Smart Resources is proud to sponsor, on the PASS website or on the group’s meetup page.


Women Who Code – Richmond

Women Who Code is a nationwide organization committed to inspiring women to excel in technical careers and create a tech industry where women are proportionally represented. The Richmond chapter includes more than 800 members with events ranging from study groups and workshops to panel discussions and networking events. For women in the tech industry, this is an easy way to connect with other female IT professionals in an environment that is designed to boost your career. Impressively, 80% of Women Who Code members report that the organization had a positive impact on their career. If you want to get involved, new events are consistently being posted on the Women Who Code Richmond website.


Richmond Java Users Group

The Richmond Java Users Group (RJUG) meets monthly to provide a forum for the city’s Java community. As Java remains one of the most versatile and in-demand programming languages, there is a vast group of coders looking to stay on the cutting edge of its possibilities. Whether you’re entering with professional-level Java skills or as an enthusiast looking to learn a new language, RJUG offers an opportunity to discuss trends, alternative languages hosted by Java Virtual Machine, and best practices for software development. The RJUG boasts that 80% of attendees are engineers, developers, programmers, or application/software architects, making it a prime location to meet highly skilled tech professionals who could turn into future mentors, colleagues, connections, or mentees. If you’re looking to participate in their monthly meeting, you can join RJUG’s meetup group.


Alumni Associations

Alumni groups are an easy route to networking because you already have your university in common. Most universities have local groups that provide networking and professional development opportunities. Though many of these may not be IT-specific, they can still offer the chance to build connections with individuals at other organizations. As tech is penetrating new industries and becoming critical for companies looking to keep up with consumer demands, connections across a variety of positions and industries beyond technology can offer opportunities to further your career.


At Smart Resources, we see the effects of alumni networking first hand through the Richmond Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni Association. Just last week we attended the RVA Career Expo, which was open to all Richmond job seekers regardless of their alma mater. This is one of our favorite events of the year as we have the opportunity to build relationships with individuals who have a diverse array of backgrounds.


Richmond .NET User Group

Richmond’s .NET User Group has more than 700 members focused on learning about software development with a focus on Microsoft .NET. This group is particularly focused on professional development, making it a fantastic resource if you’re aiming to hone your skills while broadening your network. .NET remains highly popular because of its ability to serve as a framework for other coding languages. Building relationships with others who have and value in-demand .NET skills at Richmond’s .NET User Group can be a great way to find an entry for new positions while you boost your resume.



rvatech, based in Richmond, identifies itself as a member-driven association of businesses and organizations with a central goal of growing the region’s dynamic tech industry. The group offers a variety of opportunities, ranging from speakers to more social events that focus on networking. At Smart Resources, rvatech events are some of our favorite ways to get to know others in the IT community.


Improve Your Tech Career Through IT Networking Opportunities

Your network is one of your best career assets, with benefits that go far beyond job opportunities. With Richmond’s strong tech industry and high demand for skilled technology professionals, this is a prime city in which to build your network and further your IT career. Regardless of your current career goals, taking advantage of IT networking opportunities in Richmond and connecting with a staffing firm that has your best interest in mind can help you achieve the success you crave.


Ready to build your network? Start by connecting with our team.


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