Virginia Agency Improves Efficiency Through Agile Transformation

The Challenge

A government agency in Virginia was struggling with internal communications across multiple departments. A commissioner within the organization sought the expertise of Smart Resources to complete an Agile audit, which resulted in the execution of a full Agile transformation. The ultimate goal of the project is to improve collaboration throughout the agency from top to bottom.

The Approach

Due to the nature of the agency, Smart’s Agile team had to start at square one, working with the board to perform in-depth analysis on their existing processes. After determining the steps necessary to successfully complete the Agile implementation, our team began developing and conducting training. The training has been created and is currently ongoing, with the Smart team anticipating a smooth transition from the agency’s current standards.

The Outcome

This multi-part project is in phase one of multiple phases to be executed over the following 6 months, with an anticipated 3-to-6-month follow-up after completion. To date, the transformation is a clear success, with the foundation laid. Momentum is building towards phase two of the implementation, working one-on-one with delivery resources and management to ensure that the processes are delivered correctly. Within the year, the client will be fully ingrained in Agile methodology.

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