March 21, 2018 • Amanda Pullman

6 IT Networking Opportunities in Richmond that Can Improve Your Tech Career

What are your career goals? Whether you’re looking to become an expert in your field, broaden your skills, or find a new position, networking can be a key factor in your success. Connecting with your colleagues and other IT professionals opens doors to new jobs, different ideas, and emerging technologies. In fact, more than 70% […]

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January 30, 2018 • Amanda Pullman

How to Streamline Your IT Hiring Process

IT hiring managers know that to hire their top choices, they have to act quickly as there is simply not enough tech candidate supply to meet the nation’s demand for talent. Despite this, the length of the hiring process is actually growing. On average, it takes U.S. companies 23.8 days to fill a vacancy, up […]

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