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Is IT Consulting a Good Career Fit for You?


Is IT Consulting a Good Career Fit for You?

Each month it seems the tech industry hits new milestones, with the unemployment rate currently at an astoundingly low 1.6%. For IT professionals, this means a multitude of things, most notably that companies are desperate for tech talent – and they’re willing to offer a lot to get the people they need. Before you attempt to renegotiate your salary or jump to accept the highest job offer you receive, it’s important to consider your options. As the number of tech freelancers, consultants, and temp workers continues to grow, it’s time to ask yourself: is IT consulting a good career fit for you? If you fall into any of these categories, you should consider making the move to consulting.

You Want to Develop Your Skills

In consulting, there are opportunities to work in a plethora of different roles in a variety of fields. These new environments expose consultants to many industries, ranging from banking to healthcare and anything in between. In the same vein, consultants have the ability to see the inner-workings of each organization, learning their processes and how they operate. With every contract, consultants are able to take these diverse experiences and apply this knowledge in unique ways on future projects. Instead of limiting yourself to a singular role, as a consultant you’re able to broaden your skillsets and consistently challenge yourself.

You Value Flexibility

Consulting provides significantly more freedom than the average 9-to-5. For one, you’re able to choose which clients that you do or don’t work with. If you don’t collaborate well with a certain employer, you’re not bound to them for the foreseeable future. Additionally, you often aren’t limited to the structure of an organization – many clients are open to trying new processes, allowing you to execute your work in the manner that you choose. Finally, since you’re able to choose the projects you take on, you have more leverage when it comes to negotiating your hours. For some, this means requesting availability during school pick-ups and drop-offs or the flexibility to plan appointments during the typical workday. For others, it means the autonomy to work late into the evenings to avoid early morning wake-ups or vice versa.

You Want to Grow Your Network

One of the largest perks of consulting is the vast and valuable network that you quickly develop. Today, nearly 70% of available positions aren’t openly listed anywhere. Opposed to posting on a job board or printing a newspaper ad, companies are relying on their employees’ networks to secure their talent. Luckily, consultants spend their days working closely with various managers and colleagues and, in some cases, are even rubbing elbows with major stakeholders of an organization. They’re able to build relationships across multiple organizations, with each new project providing an opportunity to expand that network even further. These connections have endless possibilities and, if nurtured, could easily lead to future career opportunities. By growing such an expansive network, you’ll likely never have to fret about work, or recommendations, again.


Make the Right Career Choice for Your Future

If you’re still unsure, one major bonus to consulting is the potential to ultimately receive a permanent job offer. When you take the consulting route, you’re not limiting your chances at starting in or returning to the traditional workforce. In fact, by learning new skills and networking in the industry, you’re placing yourself in a better position in the long run if you decide to make the switch to permanent employment. Consulting offers a world of possibilities to IT professionals who are looking to expand their horizons. So, what are you waiting for?


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