November 16, 2016 • Richard Neisz

4 Projects Where IT Strategy Consulting Is the Most Cost-Effective Option


Many IT projects turn into a daunting task. What at the outset may seem like a straightforward implementation of software often times balloons in scope and price, taking longer and ending up much more expensive than anticipated. In fact, studies indicate that large IT projects tend to run 45% over budget, 7% over time, and deliver 56% less value than predicted.


With such a strong potential for problems, it is no wonder that many organizations consider partnering with a team of experts to keep things moving as planned. Here are four projects where IT strategy consulting proves to be the most cost effective option.


Transition from Legacy Software

People get stuck in their old habits. It can be difficult for a manager to move away from familiar software, even if that product requires workarounds or provides diminishing returns as newer products offer deliverability that is light years ahead. Often, an organization puts off the decision to upgrade software because the process is considered to be complex, time consuming, and costly. Despite this general feeling, realizing the importance and need to upgrade software is essential to success and many areas must be considered once this decision is made.


The more dependent an organization is on current legacy software, the harder it is to overhaul. IT strategy consulting provides experts in the field, and they  would be able to present a manager with relevant options more quickly. In other words, they’ve already done all the analyzation and testing for you, leaving you to concentrate on the regular activities of your business.


Security Strategy

When it comes to security, a company must use extra caution in being proactive and never treat security measures as an afterthought. Surprisingly, only one third of organizations have endpoint security strategies in place. It can be overwhelming to take into account the myriad of internet-connected devices in use at a business and the vulnerabilities they contain.


IT strategy consultants come into your office with first-hand knowledge of the nooks that hide susceptibilities to cyberattacks. Not only does this save a business time in researching areas they may not have expertise in, but it ensures that no security stone is left unturned. Instead of finding out what could go wrong when a vulnerability is left open to attack, it is always better to have counsel that has already lived through attacks so you don’t have to.


Breaking Down Network/Data Silos

There is a tremendous amount of data that comes through any business each day, and this steady flow is only increasing. Even with big data analysis, some of that information difficult to evaluate. Though aggregating separate databases long housed in departmental silos is no easy feat, the action is necessary to take, as breaking down data silos can increase customer satisfaction by 50%.


The proliferation of cloud computing services and advancements in application design provide a path to data salvation, but without care the cloud can actually lead to more data silos. Professionals skilled in all things data know the pain points of breaking down a silo and can efficiently integrate/organize data across departments. This pulls greater meaning from the chaos in a faster and cheaper way than most organizations could accomplish on their own.


Process Innovation

Just as with legacy software, old processes that are still being used in a changing digital environment can hold back an organization. Keeping up with the times and updating processes to industry standards are crucial to the bottom line. Change is hard, but refining and innovating current processes will help an organization on a daily basis.


Once it is decided to update processes, there are many factors/measures to consider and a focused mission is of the utmost importance. IT strategy consultants know what processes the leaders in your industry are using, and can put you on the best footing for success moving forward. Instead of trying something new only to find it doesn’t work and heading back to the drawing board, experts in process innovation can set you on the right course from the outset.


IT Strategy Consulting is Cost Effective

While having a tough-it-out, do-it-yourself mentality can help a business achieve initial success, sometimes the best financial option is to bring in an expert to get things right off the bat. Any business seeking time and money saving measures that also increase productivity will find IT strategy consulting can be just the tool necessary to set such a tone.


At SMART Resources, our IT Strategy Consultants have experience evaluating strategy for organizations in a number of industries. Check out our publication Your Start-to-Finish Guide to Implementing Vital Business Intelligence Strategies for more information.



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