March 8, 2017 • Richard Neisz

A Guide to Answer Your Business Intelligence Questions


As an organization grows, it will be forced to take a look at updating and implementing new strategies or risk being left behind the competition. The speed, agility, and functionality of today’s business intelligence platforms far surpass those previously achievable. Organizations are no longer able to ask if they need to be implementing a BI strategy, but how to do it in a way that garners the best results.


We know that newcomers to the business intelligence world face plenty of challenges getting up to speed as they improve workflows and efficiency with the latest technologies and industry best practices. Bringing together our knowledge of the prevailing market and the expertise of some of our best BI consultants, we have created a guide that takes businesses through implementing a complete and competitive business intelligence strategy. An in-depth look at the entire process, the guide encompasses several sections:


  • Setting a strong foundation to begin moving forward is essential to future BI strategy success. The ability to recognize common initial implementation mistakes is the single most important starting point. These areas are reviewed so that their inherent challenges can be overcome.


  • Each business is different, and that means no single Business Intelligence software tool is perfect for every business to use. We make selecting the right option for your business simple by way of an easy-to-read table analyzing the top tools.


  • Build the solution that’s right for you. Some companies find it most effective to combine more than one BI solution. We review the ability of these hybrid solutions to achieve multiple business objectives simultaneously and how feasible it is to get them started.


  • Lastly, there is a vast demand for Business Intelligence professionals coupled with a short supply of talent. Our closing section investigates what it takes to keep your hiring competitive.


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