September 28, 2016 • Van Williams

Where the Richmond IT Industry Is Going from Here


The path of the Richmond IT industry has more twists and turns than the James River. From one year to the next, industries spring up while others fade into the background. Determining where the IT industry is going and which skills will land you a tech job in Richmond takes an understanding of the strengths of the local market and any changes in the works. Here are the predictions that the Smart Resources team has for Richmond in the coming years.


Local Government Will Better Appeal to IT Businesses

This year, the mayoral race has the potential to shape and expand the businesses within the local IT sector. In debate forums, just about everyone on the candidate roster vowed to lower business taxes or improve building permit processes. Though promises made on the campaign trail should be taken lightly, the overlapping ideas bode well for the Richmond IT industry.


A streamlined building permit process has the potential to increase the number of large IT innovators drawn to Richmond. Large companies like Amazon and Verizon Communications Inc. might then be joined by other large tech innovators. And the incentive of lowered taxes has the potential to attract large corporations and startups to expand or launch their businesses.


Considering the Richmond area has already been ranked among the top 20 metro areas to start a small business due to the existing business-friendly climate and an educated workforce, tech companies will expand drastically.


Ecommerce Will Continue to Grow

U.S. ecommerce sales grew 14.6% in 2015, continuing the expansion of online sales in the retail market. Even Walmart is considering acquiring ecommerce startup The industry is growing nationwide, and the Richmond IT industry should expect to see equal expansion.


There is already an established playing field. Ecommerce giant Amazon is already one of the largest employers in Richmond. Several up-and-coming Richmond ecommerce companies even made it on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Because of Richmond’s ease of transportation with access to several ports in Virginia (including Richmond), railroads, and interstates, shipping local goods to national and international destinations is less difficult of a prospect.


Developers, UI/UX Designers, and Network Engineers with cloud server (AWS, Azure, etc.) knowledge will be highly sought after in the future Richmond job market as ecommerce companies spread.


Healthcare Giants and Startups Will Get a Boost

The healthcare industry is evolving across the nation and Richmond is witnessing some of that growth firsthand. Several of Richmond’s fastest growing companies are exploring innovations in imaging technology and healthcare solutions. Richmond healthcare startups receive millions of investment dollars and health clinics are expanding to meet a growing demand. The stage is set for even more growth in the coming years.


Healthcare providers, health startups, and health insurance payers are desirable targets for cybercriminals. To limit the points of ingress and opportunities for hackers, healthcare companies in the Richmond space will need to hire IT Security Specialists and Network/Systems Engineers with extensive healthcare knowledge. Additionally, these companies will need experts in big data analysis to review data, make predictive models, and utilize the prodigious data at their fingertips.


How to Keep Up with the Richmond IT Industry

With new opportunities arising in a variety of different sectors, staying current with the latest opportunities can be a difficult prospect. Job seekers juggling a full time job and countless responsibilities easily overlook the new and evolving opportunities throughout the Richmond tech sector. That’s why it helps to bring a staffing partner into the equation.


Smart Resources is connected to a wide range of Richmond businesses willing to utilize your best technical skills and capable of aligning with your career. We treat our consultants like partners, learning their needs and passions before ever sending out a resume. Submit your resume today to take part in the exciting future that the Richmond IT industry has to offer.



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